Places to Travel to in France

Places to Travel to in France
The centerpiece of sightseeing in France remains Paris and if you do get to France it only makes perfect sense to hit at least the bigger tourist draws. Just don't forget that France is the biggest country in Europe and as such there are many great things to see away from Paris. One of the really cool things about France is that it is long and varied in both history and geography. This means that there are places to travel that will satisfy just about every interest.

Surfing in Biarritz

France doesn't normally enter into a conversation about Hawaii and South Africa as one of the surfing capitals of the world, but you can catch some pretty decent waves in the land of cheese, wine and philosophy. Biarritz is the hottest place in France to catch a wave and sit on the top of the world. The perhaps surprisingly large waves that roll into this famous resort town are usually the result of stormy weather in the North Atlantic. This means that great surfing may be experienced any time of the year, although you'll probably want to bring along a wetsuit because the water is going to be a lot colder than Pacific waves that make up the Banzai Pipeline. Be sure to take a break from the surf to explore the rocky coast to the north.

Hiking and Biking Arles

No self-respecting art lover could possibly take a bike tour or hiking tour through France without stopping by this ancient Roman village bursting with historical significance. Many of the most brilliantly colored masterpieces by neo-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh were painted here. A hike through the town will reveal sites that are recognizable from the master's work. The importance of Arles traces back to the Roman occupation of Gaul when the town was referred to as a second Rome. Hiking and biking trails will lead you past ancient Roman aqueducts and columns.

Buttes-Chaumont Park

Paris is the very model of a modern metropolitan city, but that doesn't mean you can't get back to nature in a satisfying way. Paris has many parks, but for hikers and the outdoor crowd, nothing beats the Buttes-Chaumont. The hills inside this 5,000-acre city park may fool you into thinking you've gone outside the city. The park has three miles of walking trails and the scenery can't be beat. Highlights include a 105-foot high waterfall and the park's nearly half-million trees. Be sure to climb the 89-meter high cliff to take in the spectacular sight of Sybille's Temple, modeled after the ancient original in Tivoli.

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