Boston Social Activities

Boston Social Activities
Although Boston is a truly urban city, its parks, lakes rivers and proximity to the mountains make it a popular location for outdoor enthusiasts. Boston and its environs are also home to a vast number of colleges and universities. Many people come here for an education, and find that opportunity to pursue outdoor activities makes the city a desirable place to live. As such, there a number of social clubs that focus on hiking, backpacking, skiing, camping and water sports. Although, like the Boston Ski and Sports Club are geared toward singles, others such as the Appalachian Mountain Club and Community Boating offer family activities, which gives families and couples the opportunity to connect with people of similar interests.

Appalachian Mountain Club

The Appalachian Mountain Club was founded in 1876 by Edward Pickering. In 1922, the organization moved to their current location at 5 Joy Street , which is located in the historic Beacon Hill section of Boston. Although conservation of the Appalachian Mountain Trail is the club's primary purpose, it is also a popular social organization, which sponsors a variety of day and overnight trips. Activities include hiking, biking, camping, canoeing, skiing, windsurfing and mountaineering. Opportunities for learning these activities are available. Additionally, there are a variety of local hikes, such as the four-mile hike around the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain. The club also owns a number of cabins and huts in New Hampshire, which are used for overnight trips. They recently created the 40-plus club, which offers special trips for people over 40. In 2009, membership rates were $40 for individuals and $60 for families. Non-members can participate in some activities. However, the rates are higher.

The Appalachian Mountain Club
5 Joy Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02108
(617) 523-0655

The Boston Ski and Sports Club

The Boston Ski and Sports club was founded in 1967. It offers a variety of sports leagues, and sponsors year-round trips to New England and other destinations for outdoor enthusiasts. The winter ski trips are the club's most popular feature, because bus service from various parts of the city is included in the cost. They often go to resorts such as Sugarloaf and Jay Peak, which can be a 4- to 5-hour drive from Boston. During the bus ride, refreshments are served, and movies are shown. Trip participants stay at fully-equipped condominiums. These packages are usually more affordable than they would be if you were to put them together on your own. During the summer and fall, the club offers a variety of hiking and rock climbing trips. Instruction is available. In 2009, annual rates were $65, and includes free access to Boston Ski and Sports Club parties. Non-members can attend activities, but the rates are higher,

Boston Ski and Sports Club
70 Birmingham Parkway
Brighton, Massachusetts 02135
(617) 789-4070

Community Boating

Boston's community boating program began in 1936 by a man named Joseph Lee Jr. The program was started as a means of keeping the West End children off the streets in the summer. In 1942, adults were permitted to join if they performed 50 hours of service. Then, in 1946, the Community Boating was incorporated as a non-profit organization, which provides affordable sailing. Today, the organization offers sailing, windsurfing and kayaking to adults 18 years and older. Classes are available. You can opt for a full year membership, which cost $240 in 2009. This gives you access to all boats and all classes. Shorter and more limited programs are also available, as well as daily passes. Rates are reduced for children and senior citizens. Activities take place along the Charles River.

Community Boating, Inc.
21 David Mugar Way
Boston, Massachusetts 02114
(617) 523-1038


Article Written By Lisa Mercer

In 1999, Lisa Mercer’s fitness, travel and skiing expertise inspired a writing career. Her books include "Open Your Heart with Winter Fitness" and "101 Women's Fitness Tips." Her articles have appeared in "Aspen Magazine," "HerSports," "32 Degrees," "Pregnancy Magazine" and "Wired." Mercer has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the City College of New York.

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