Camping Food for Children

Camping Food for ChildrenCamping is a very fun activity for children, and introducing them to the outdoors at a young age is important. It is easier if they are comforted by good food and even better if they are able to participate in its preparation.


Many snacks and meals can be prepared prior to leaving for the camping trip. Homemade granola bars are a favorite snack of children when they are camping due to their portability and tastiness. Prepare them at home with the help of the children. You can also dry fruits and make soups and desserts.


Deli and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are easy meals for kids while camping. Crackers, cookies and cereal are also great snacks that require no preparation or special storage. Trail mix is a big hit with small children, especially when it is packaged in individual bags.

Grill or Stove

Camping stoves and grills are usually the main cooking source for many campers. They allow you to cook basically anything you would at home with the exception of baked goods. So at camp you can prepare any food your children like at home.


Over the Fire

Cooking over an open fire is sure to please any child. There are endless possibilities to what you can cook on a stick over the fire, including hot dogs. When letting a child use a roasting stick, make sure the end is not sharp and is long enough to keep them away from the fire. Smores are a favorite camp food for children; just roast a marshmallow and place it between graham crackers with a portion of a chocolate candy bar.

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