Camping Food Checklist

Camping Food ChecklistTo increase the enjoyment of your camping experience, you should plan all meals before setting out. The food you decide to prepare will ultimately come down to personal preference, but you should eat properly even in the woods. Similarly, if you're backpacking, you'll need calorie-dense foods to replace the energy you lose hiking.


The most essential food items you can carry are carbohydrate-heavy starches. Foods such as rice, potatoes, grains, breads, bagels and tortillas give you sustained energy for hiking. Similarly, after a long and strenuous day, a complex carbohydrate meal will help your body adjust and repair itself while you sleep. Eat a healthy dose of carbs while camping -- it'll pay dividends.


Try to dehydrate as many vegetables as possible before you leave for your camping trip. Not only will these rehydrated treats give spice, dimension and flavor to your carb-heavy dinners, they'll provide the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs.



When you dehydrate your vegetables, do the same for your favorite fruits. These snacks will give you energy and strength. You can season your fruit slices with confectioner's sugar to get a headier boost.

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