Places to Fish for Salmon in Anchorage

Places to Fish for Salmon in AnchorageOne of the best statements about just how good the salmon runs in Alaska are is that residents of the state's largest city, Anchorage, can go fishing for salmon and still be within the city limits. Fishing in the Anchorage area offers a number of advantages to visiting anglers, especially those on a budget. Visitors can fly right into a major airport, have access to the facilities of a major city and still easily get at a handful of both freshwater and saltwater salmon fishing sites. The only drawback is that they might have to share the local waters with a crowd. (Pictured: Bird Creek is lined with fisherman hoping to catch silver salmon with the Chugach Mountains in the background on the outskirts of Anchorage, AK.)

Ship Creek

Ship Creek is within the city limits of Anchorage and has both a king salmon and a silver salmon run. Between the two runs, the season lasts from late May until early September. Basically, while the weather is good, there will be salmon to catch within Anchorage city limits.


Stocked Lakes

The countryside surrounding Anchorage has several lakes with landlocked salmon that are part of Alaska's stocked fishery program. While this is not the wild salmon catch that so many visiting sport fishermen dream of, it does have the singular advantage of inaccessibility. Some of these lakes are not reachable by road and must be hiked to. Some even require backcountry camping trips to get at properly.

Creeks and Rivers

The three major waterways of the Anchorage area, after Ship Creek, are Campbell Creek, Bird Creek and Twentymile River. Bird Creek (pictured above) has pink and silver salmon (even-numbered years only) from early July to mid-August. Campbell Creek has only silver salmon, and from late July to September. The latest season ending in the area is found at Twentymile River, which has silver salmon from mid-August to October.

Saltwater Fishing

The Anchorage area also offers saltwater fishing in the seas outside Whittier, Alaska, and in Resurrection Bay. Whittier has silver and king salmon from early June to mid-September, and Resurrection Bay has silver salmon from early July to late September and at least some king salmon in the area all year around.

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