Things to Do in San Francisco With Children

Things to Do in San Francisco With Children
San Francisco is an active and vibrant city that is perfect for entertaining children. Few other bustling metropolitan cities offer such a wide array of natural parks and recreation opportunities within such a small space. San Franciscans truly understand the role proper exercise and fresh air play in a healthy lifestyle.

Rent a Boat In Golden Gate Park

Paddle boating in Stowe Lake is an enjoyable way to relax while exercising and spending family time together while in San Francisco. Rentals are around $25 an hour and the experience on the scenic lake is unforgettable. Feel free to bring along a bagged lunch and enjoy a picnic on the boat.

Stow Lake Boat and Bike Rentals
50 Stow Lake Drive
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 752-0347

Explore Alcatraz

Alcatraz is, admittedly, a bit of a tourist trap. Unlike the many other tourist traps in the city though, this one is entirely worthwhile. The self-guided audio tour is fascinating and educational. The videos in the ranger station provide information on the little-known Native American takeover of the island in the '60s. And the island itself hosts its own fragile and beautiful ecosystem.

Alcatraz Cruises
Pier 33, Hornblower Alcatraz Landing
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 981-7625

Ice Skate at Yerba Buena Gardens

California's wonderful weather is, unfortunately, rather limiting on winter sports. Luckily, technology and innovation allow warm-weather residents to experience the best of the cold. Yerba Buena Gardens Ice Skating Center is a perfect example of man conquering machine in order to present an otherwise impossible activity--ice skating in San Francisco.

Yerba Buena Ice Skating Center
750 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 820-3532

Hike the Land's End Trail

Between the beautiful scenery, the stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the lively tide pools along the rocky beach, the Land's End Trail offers guests all types of surprising and entertaining nature experiences. You never know what kind of wild animals you may stumble across in this lovely nature preserve. Take your time here to fully explore all the park has to offer.

Land's End Trail
East end of Point Lobos Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94121

Bike the Golden Gate Bridge

If your kids are big on biking, they may enjoy getting to ride across the most famous landmark in all of San Francisco--the Golden Gate Bridge. Those with a fear of heights may prefer to drive across, but if you and your children are up to the challenge, you will enjoy an amazing view of downtown San Francisco. Expect to experience a one-of-a-kind sensation as you feel the slight sway of the massive suspension bridge as you pedal along.

The Golden Gate Bridge
End of Highway 101 and Highway 1 in San Francisco

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