Things to Do in Hawaii When It's Raining

Things to Do in Hawaii When It's Raining
Hawaii is famous for its beaches, the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and its diving and surfing opportunities. Rains often break havoc in the Hawaiian weather, however, and visitors may need to run inside for cover. If that's the case, Hawaii still has much to offer in the form of museums, aquariums and other one-of-a-kind attractions.

Atlantis Submarine Adventure

The country's only submarine tour is on Hawaii. The Atlantis actually takes you to the bottom of the sea to explore the island's fascinating marine life. The ride includes a 20-minute over-the-water tour, which takes you through islets and allows you to see the green of the islands. Then, once the submarine reaches the dive site, it will submerge for an additional 40-minutes under-the-water dive. You'll also see ship wrecks, a crashed airplane and an artificial coral reef.

Atlantis Submarine Adventure
1600 Kapiolani Boulevard
Suite #1630
Honolulu, HI 96814
(800) 548-6262

Creation - A Polynesian Journey

This live show takes you through the creation myth; it's told according to Polynesians. Laser lights, live performers, lavish costumes, music and pyrotechnics are part of the production. There are also magic and illusion scenes. Princesses vanish, and dancers jump through the air while fire and knives are thrown all around them.

Creation at the Sheraton
120 Kaiulani Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 922-5811


Unless the waters are rough, scuba divers can still go in when it's raining. In fact, scuba diving is a great rainy-day activity; it allows you to still enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the rain. There are numerous dive operators in Hawaii, and choosing one is mostly a matter of preference and location. AquaZone, on the island of Oahu, offers free scuba diving lessons, beginner and advanced dives, daily boat dives, shark cage adventures (divers are in cages, not sharks) and equipment rental. Dives can explore wreck sites, reef life and caves.

2335 Kalakaua Ave. # 112
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 923-3483

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