The Best Walking Shoes With High Arch Support

The Best Walking Shoes With High Arch Support
The inner part of your foot that curves up is known as the arch. The severity of the arch differs from person to person, with some people having arches that are steeper, while other people have low arches or flat feet. If you have high arches, you need a shoe that caters to this by providing extra arch support, and cushioning at the front and back of the foot where most of the pressure is placed.

New Balance WR737

Because walkers with high arches might tend to roll their heels or ankles inwards, this walking shoe features "N-Lock" lacing and outer webbing system that keeps the shoe tight and secure so that the support will keep the ankle and heel stable. The arch support system feature's New Balance's "Stability Web," which provides added rigidity to the arch to prevent mid-foot flex.

Saucony Grid Omni Walker

This walking shoe for men and women is the walking version of Saucony's popular Omni 5 running shoe. It has mid-foot support bridge to support high arches and durable SRC impact zones, for where the most pressure is going to routinely be placed. The shoe gets its name from the Visible Rearfoot Grid System which contributes to rearfoot cushioning with a of Hytrel filaments that center the heel during impact, so that it does not roll inward as a result of the high foot arch.

Earth Rocket K Vegan

If you want a durable shoe from vegan materials (i.e., no leather uppers), try the Earth Rocket K Vegan. The Negative Heel technology works to align the foot and body, important for high-arch walkers whose foot steps out of alignment and rolls the ankle. The anatomically molded footbed offers that extra necessary cushion for high arches, and prevents the impact of the step from reaching leg muscles. Additionally, this shoe is certified by the Vegan Society.

Avia A3339M

This walking shoe claims to have just the right combination of support and cushioning for high-arch walkers. Avia's Cantilever technology works to center the heel over a concave sole, and the sole, they claim, works like a trampoline to soften impact and increase energy return. A removable sock liner also adds extra cushioning when you need it. The shoe also boasts something called FOM technology, which is placed in certain high impact areas of the step to absorb shock and increase cushioning.

Nike Air Max Healthwalker

This walking shoe from Nike is a functional shoe for both women and men with high arches. The "Rolling Rail," another name for the roll bar (located in the heel of the shoe) is designed to increase heel stability and to keep a high-arch walker from rolling the heel in. The outersole is made from DRC, a durable combination of natural and synthetic rubbers, to prolong the life of the shoe and to prevent the shoe from wearing on the inner heel as a result of a misaligned, high-arch step. It also has reflective material on the upper for walking at night.

Article Written By Heather Broeker

Originally from North Carolina, Heather Broeker studied journalism and advertising at the University of North Carolina. After graduation she moved to Los Angeles, where she worked for Fox Searchlight, Fox Reality and later as a writer and marketing director. Broeker now lives in Los Angeles and runs Head Over Heels, a writing and public relations company.

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