Things to Do in Galena, Illinois

Things to Do in Galena, Illinois
Galena has a population of 3,460. It's nestled in the corner of northwestern Illinois; that's close to the Mississippi River and the border of Wisconsin. Outdoor adventure is everywhere you look. Kayaking and river tours along the Mississippi and Galena Rivers offer great fun. Hiking along Jo Daviess County's numerous trails is unforgettable.

Apple River Canyon State Park

Apple River Canyon State Park is a 297-acre park located in Jo Daviess County, Illinois. The park offers 47 camping sites. There are five trails inside the park, including the Primrose Trail. Bird watchers will be drawn to the park to spot eagles, hawks and 47 other varieties of birds.

Apple River Canyon State Park
8763 East Canyon Rd.
Galena, Illinois 61001
(815) 745-3302

Recreation Areas

The Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation operates five water and land preservation areas within Jo Daviess County. The Buehler Preserve is an 18-acre parcel just north of Galena which contain hilly woodlands and a large floodplain. The Casper Bluff Land and Water Reserve provides breathtaking views of the Mississippi River. The Keough Effigy Land and Water Reserve located near Casper Bluff contains burial mounds and other crucial artifacts from the area's Native American tribes; it's also an important habitat for migratory birds. The 56-acre Shurmeier Teaching Forest uses signs posted along a one mile hiking trail to teach hikers about plant species and good forestry practices.

Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation
126 N. Main St.
Elizabeth, Illinois 61028

Fever River Outfitters

Fever River Outfitter offers gear and equipment for all your biking, canoeing, kayaking and cross country skiing needs. Its partnership with the Santosha Yoga & Wellness has created a truly unique outdoor experience. Begin your day with Yoga along the banks of the Galena River. Head out onto the river for some leisurely kayaking. Another full Yoga class is offered when you return to the dock. It also offers a Mississippi River Adventure Day that combines a guided seven-mile kayak trek down the Mississippi to Chestnut Mountian, where hikers take part in a Power Yoga class at the peak. The day is concluded with a nine-mile bike ride through the charming countryside. Rental equipment and lunch are included, but reservations are required.

Fever River Outfitters
525 S. Main St.
Galena, Illinois 61036

Chestnut Mountain Resort

The Chestnut Mountain Resort is a favorite for downhill and cross country skiers from all over the Midwest. The resort features nineteen trails. They are spread out over 220 acres, and there's a total vertical drop of 475 feet. The resort hosts a Powder Playcare for your littlest snow bunny, as well a skiing lessons and a snowboard park.

Chestnut Mountain Resort
8700 West Chestnut Rd.
P.O. Box 6328
Galena, Illinois 61036

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