Things to Do In Detroit, Michigan

Things to Do In Detroit, Michigan
Detroit is Michigan's largest city; it stands near Michigan's extensive forests. Detroit is located between the Great Lakes Huron and Erie. This natural setting--despite Detroit's urban reputation--makes it a great place to seek out exciting outdoor sports opportunities of every sort.

Cross Country Skiing at Sylvan Glen

Sylvan Glen golf course is located in Troy, Michigan; it's one of the most popular golf courses in the city. However, once winter snows fall, Sylvan Glen becomes equally popular among the area's cross-country ski enthusiasts. A great place for beginners and veterans alike, the course offers both accessible trails and back country routes. The restoration project of the Sylvan Glen course has added more than 7 acres of wetlands to the area.

Sylvan Glen Golf Course
5725 Rochester Road
Troy, MI 48085
(248) 619-7600

Wilderness Canoeing and Kayaking

East of downtown Detroit, the Huron River winds its way around the city perimeter. The river is easygoing and smooth at this point, offering pleasant river cruises for paddlers of all skill levels. Heavner Canoe offers kayak and canoe rentals for exploring this scenic waterway; it offers self-return plans or pick-up options if you want to log some extra miles. Heavner Canoe is open from May to the end of October, and it offers special rates for families and groups.

Heavner Canoe and Kayak Rental
2775 Garden Road
Milford, Michigan 48381
(248) 685-2379

Bike Paint Creek Trail

Stretching from Rochester to the village of Lake Orion, the Paint Creek Trail winds over almost nine miles through wetlands, fields and woods; it utilizes the bed of a former railroad track. The trail is reserved for non-motorized sports, and its generous eight-foot width makes it easy for cyclists and walkers to be accommodated together. The trail is more likely to be used by skiers than cyclists in the winter.

Paint Creek Trailways Commission
4480 Orion Road
Rochester, MI 48306
(248) 651-9260

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