Alaska Trout, Salmon Fishing on a Budget

Alaska Trout, Salmon Fishing on a Budget
People come from all over the world to fish for trout and salmon in Alaska. There are a number of guides working in the area, but the guides are usually fairly expensive as is the lodging. You can fish in Alaska and still stick to your budget by cutting back your costs on the more expensive items, including where you stay and who you fish with on your trip.


If you're looking to cut back on your fishing costs, try camping for part or all of your trip instead of staying in an overpriced fishing lodge. These lodges cost upwards of $150 a night as of 2009. Right along the Kenai River are several campgrounds where the costs are less than $30 a night, but you will need to bring a tent, camping gear and your own supplies.



Using an experienced guide is probably the most expensive part of fishing in Alaska and one that might break your budget. Instead of using a guide for your entire trip, consider using a guide for only a few hours one day since most guides offer a half-day price. You'll still learn valuable tips, have access to unknown areas and learn where the best fishing is, but you won't spend as much money.

Mantanuska Valley Lakes

A great way to budget fish for trout or salmon in Alaska is by fishing in the Mantanuska Valley Lakes, which are located around Anchorage. You can fish from a small canoe or kayak in the area and also camp at one of the local campgrounds. Bringing your boat from home can help you stick to your budget and avoid renting an item on-site, but you still have access to some large fish.

Package Tours

Package tours are another way to stick to your budget when fishing in Alaska because the tours include everything you'll need for your trip. Lodging, guides and many of your meals are included in one set price. Additionally you have access to things you can't purchase separately, such as learning how to gut your fish and cook it. There are even package tours where the owner of the lodge packages your fish for transport back to your home.


Article Written By Jennifer Eblin

Jennifer Eblin has been a full-time freelance writer since 2006. Her work has appeared on several websites, including Tool Box Tales and Zonder. Eblin received a master's degree in historic preservation from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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