What Are Some Places to Travel to in Africa?

What Are Some Places to Travel to in Africa?
The good thing about Africa is that visitors are unlikely to run out of places of interest to travel to in their lifetime. Absolutely massive in scale, the motherland offers the daring traveler chances to view cultures, fauna and flora that most people will only see on their television or computer.


The capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou lies deep in the heart of West Africa and is a great introduction for first-time travelers to Africa. Unlike more intimidating city's throughout the continent, Ouaga, as most locals call their home, moves at a slower pace and most residents are curious about strangers. Ouaga mixes purely African sensibilities with the vestiges of French culture to good effect through language, cuisine and culture. If possible, it is worth planning a trip to coincide with one of two major festivals taking place in the city. FESPACO, the Pan-African Film and Television Festival, is the largest film festival on the continent and SIAO, the International Art and Craft Fair, is a very important trade show in Africa.

Official Site of the Government of Ouagadougou
01 BP 85
Ouagadougou 01, Burkina Faso
011 (+226) 50 33 62 81

01 BP 2505
Ouagadougou 01, Burkina Faso
011 (+226) 50 30 83 75

01 BP 3414
Ouagadougou 01, Burkina Faso
011 (+226) 50 37 32 56



Spend a few days cooling off in the Red Sea after touring Egypt's scorching tourist sites. Located on the eastern shores of the Sinai Peninsula, the small town of Dahab offers visitors both the rugged mountains and desert inland and the opportunity for world class watersports off-shore. Dahab used to be nothing more than a Bedouin fishing village but these days is outfitted with numerous hotels, shops and a beach promenade. The desert of the peninsula literally comes right to the shore here and taking a trip inland to hike is a must. Pre-dawn hikes up Mt. Sinai are a good place to start and offer impressive views and freezing temperatures. For those less mobile, the local Bedouins will lead you up by camel. Along the shore, strong winds make the town a mecca for windsurfers and scuba divers travel to the area for its immense reef formations, some of which can be found directly in front of hotels.

All About Sinai
P.O.Box 94
Hadaba Post Office?
Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai?, Egypt

Egyptian Tourist Authority


Visit our closest genetic relatives in Mahale National Park. Remotely located in western Tanzania, this national park has been a focal point for chimpanzee research since 1961. Home to perhaps as many as 700 chimps, Mahale is also known for its populations of elephant, wild dog, buffalo, zebra, hyena, giraffe, antelope, leopard and lion. What makes Mahale even more appealing is that the park is not easily accessible and therefore sees far fewer visitors. There are no roads into the park. Most visitors arrive by boat via Lake Tanganyika from Kigoma or by a small airstrip. The traditional homeland of the Watongwe and Waholoholo tribes, visitors can embark on camping safaris; ascend Mt. Nkungwe, the highest peak along the Mahale Ridge; fish along the lake or track chimp groups.

Mahale Mountains National Park
?P.O. Box 1374?
Kigoma, Tanzania

Tanzania National Parks
P.O Box 3134?
Arusha, Tanzania
011 (+255) 272 503 471


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