Strongest Fishing Lines

Strongest Fishing Lines
Fishing lines are available in assorted measures of strength called "test." You would use a 10 pound test fishing line to catch crappie and other small fish 10 pounds and under. When being caught using a rod and reel, feisty fish such as bass and catfish need a stronger fishing line of 12 to 20 pound test, as they have a tendency to thrash their bodies in every direction as the angler is reeling in his catch.


When fishing for gar, a steel line is recommended as gar bite through regular fishing line. Alternatively, a hefty test line and a steel leader may be used. Steel leaders are braided steel fishing line that are attached to the end of the line, forming a strong extension preventing the fish from breaking your line. The hook, sinker and bait are then attached to the bottom end of the steel leader.


Stronger than steel, braided line comes in tests up to 900 pounds to have an advantage over the one that got away. Braided fishing line is super strong and will not let you down as you are reeling in your catch. Braided fishing line is recommended for use on trotlines and jug lines across rivers, coves, inlets and lake feeds to have an advantage over turtles, a known culprit for breaking fishing line in an attempt to make off with the bait.


Monolfilament is available in 2- to 400-pound test and is suitable to use in any fishing applications at the lake, river or the high seas. Monofilament fishing line has outstanding strength and durability and is ideal for catching heavy saltwater fish such as grouper, shark, sea bass and flounder without breaking the line.

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