The Best Swimming Caps

The Best Swimming Caps
Swimming caps fulfill a number of tasks. There are those that athletes rely on when swimming in winter or competing in water sports that take place in the frigid waters of the ocean. Tight-fitting silicone caps offer protection against saltwater or a pool's chlorine, which is especially important for swimmers with long or color-treated hair. The best silicone swimming caps do not pull on the hair when you put them on or take them off, and they will also not contribute to hair breakage. Another variety of caps provides for modest head and hair coverings rather than merely keeping the hair dry.

Inexpensive Latex Swimming Caps

Swimmers used latex swimming caps as early as the 1920s, and they are still a popular choice for today's athletes. They are inexpensive--priced as low as $3--and come in a variety of stylish colors. They work best for swimmers with short to medium-length hair. Some swimmers are allergic to latex, however.

Silicone Swimming Caps for Competitive Athletes

Athletes look to silicone caps to help minimize the drag factor while swimming competitively. These caps cover the head snugly, even for athletes with long hair. They are long-lasting and non-allergenic and stretch to fit any head shape and size. Silicone caps are inexpensive, with prices starting at about $10, so they are very popular. You can even wear these thin caps under more ornate swimming caps to enhance their water tightness.

Neoprene Caps for Cold Weather Swimming

If you are a swimmer who enjoys getting more frigid temperatures, or if you enjoy other water sports that might inadvertently land you in a cold river or ocean, consider a neoprene swim cap. These caps are excellent for cold weather water sports, because they offer some insulation as well as ear protection. Neoprene swim caps come in several thicknesses and are held in place with a chin strap. Neoprene swimming caps are a bit more expensive than caps made from other materials; usually they start at about $25.

Nylon/Spandex Swimming Caps for Modest Swimmers

Swimmers who observe religious rules with regard to modesty and head coverings may use swimming caps made from nylon and spandex. They provide protection to the hair, cover the head in a modest fashion, and come in a variety of colors. Usually these caps come in one size that fits most wearers, and costs start at about $7.

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