The Best Time of Year for Fishing in South Padre Island, Texas

The Best Time of Year for Fishing in South Padre Island, Texas
South Padre Island is an area of Texas known for its abundance of outdoor activities, including fishing. Fishermen come from all across the country to fish the waters of the island, and some catch large spotted sea trout, red snapper and black durm. If you plan to visit South Padre Island, know that the best time of year is fall, and in particular September.


There are 600 unique species of fish living in the waters surrounding South Padre Island. Among those are the red durm, Southern flounder and pompano. You also have the chance of catching amberjack or king mackerel. The fish are most plentiful during the fall, when the water temperature cools.

Rock the Riviera

If you're interested in fishing competitions, then fishing during the fall in South Padre Island is the best. The Rock the Riviera tournament is held every September and is open to individual fishermen or teams of up to four.

Fishing for Hope

The Fishing for Hope tournament is a fundraising event that takes place in September. The event is divided into different categories, with space for women, men, juniors, teams and mixed teams. A winner is picked from each category based on the combine weight of different fish species.

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