What Are 10 Outside-The-Box Camping Grills?

What Are 10 Outside-The-Box Camping Grills?When it comes to grilling, there are numerous options---from round charcoal grills to propane multifaceted stoves. Although these will work well, many people select camping grills based on a variety of needs--how many people you need to feed, how much room you have to store or carry a grill, and what kind of fuel you'll use. Some grills can be quite innovative.

Solar Grills

A solar grill works by concentrating the sun's rays on a grill to cook your food. Often, a concave-shaped panel coated with reflective material is used. These types of grills are best used in the hottest times of day.

Tripod Grills

Tripod grills are designed to hang over a fire or coals. They are especially useful while camping and hiking when cooking over a fire is required. The typical design uses a grill hanging from the top of a tripod down in between the tripod's legs.

Terracotta Grills

Made from terracotta, a type of clay, these grills are bowl shaped and usually have a grill that rests over them. They make excellent patio grills, but are not usually taken camping due to their weight. Terracotta grills are most often chosen because of their aesthetic value rather than functionality.

Drum Grills

A drum grill is made from a 55- or 80-gallon drum tipped on its side and mounted on a frame. A convex lid is made from the side of the drum and a pipe is inserted in one end. These are a favorite among restaurants and serious outdoor grillers because of their large size and capacity.

Tire Rim Grills

Rim grills use a car tire rim, also known as a wheel, to form a grilling pit. Once turned on its size, briquettes may be placed inside the rim and a grill can be placed on top of the rim to make a grilling surface. These grills are suitable for grilling food for one or two people.

Tabletop Grills

These grills are small, usually bowl-shaped, and provide enough grilling surface to cook for one or two people. They are made of metal and can be operated easily on a table, making them excellent camping grills.

Trailer Grills

Designed for mobile grilling, trailer grills allow serious chefs to have a kitchen away from home. They often have extra features, such as sinks and cabinetry, but require a vehicle to tow them. Because of this, they are excellent for large retreats and camp-outs.

Portable Grills

These grills are designed to be moved from one location to another. Although similar to tabletop grills in design, portable grills are often smaller and can fit in a small duffel bag or box. They can be round, square or drum-shaped.

Coffee Can Grills

A coffee can grill is made by filling a 1-gallon coffee can with 4 to 5 charcoal briquettes and placing a small grill over the top. It is a suitable solution for one person.

Backpacking Grills

Backpacking grills are made to fold open over a fire for cooking. They are not designed to hold fire and must be placed over a heat source, such as a fire pit or ring.


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