The Best Surf Fishing Weights

The Best Surf Fishing Weights
Surf fishing conditions vary by the location, wind and tide. Getting your bait to stay in place can be tricky in rough conditions, so choosing the right surf weight will make a big difference. They come in many shapes and sizes designed for different surf conditions and bottom structures.

Bank Sinker

Bank sinkers are the most common surf weight used as they work in a variety of conditions. They are shaped like a stretched out egg with all smooth surfaces to reduce snagging in rocky conditions. They can be used on either soft or rocky bottoms in low to medium surf and currents, and are easy to cast and retrieve so you can use your normal strength line.

Pyramid Sinker

Pyramid sinkers are a pyramid shape usually around 1 inch in length with the eyelet on the flat bottom side. This allows the point of the pyramid to stick into soft bottom surfaces such as sand. Pyramid sinkers are hard to cast and retrieve because of their shape. It is recommended that heavier fishing line be used when fishing with this type of sinker because it is hard to break the sinker free from the bottom. They are to be used in rough surf and strong currents.

Break Away Sinker

Break away sinkers offer the most holding ability of all surf fishing sinkers. They have protruding wires that dig into the bottom holding the bait in place even in rough surf. The weights are typically used in sandy bottom locations with moderate to heavy surf and strong currents. Heavier line is recommended for break away sinkers because of the difficulty to break the sinker free from the bottom.

Trolling Sinker

Trolling sinkers are cylindrical in shape and are 1 to 2 inches in length, and are best for fishing calmer surf conditions with little current. Their benefit is that they are easy to cast and are much easier to reel in then pyramid or break away sinkers.

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