Walking Shoes for Women With High Arches

Walking Shoes for Women With High ArchesThe arch of your foot is the area on the inner side of the foot that is shaped, more or less, like an arch. Some people have lower arches or relatively flat arches, while others have high arches, which require more support. This often causes the heel and ankle to tilt inwards. High arches can often cause pain in the arch when wearing shoes that are not supportive of the arch, as well as the pain in the toes. That's why walking shoes with arch support are important for women with high arches.

New Balance WR737

This New Balance shoe has a built in "Stability Web," a structured arch support system that provides arch rigidity to prevent mid-foot flex from high arches. There is also increased cushioning at the forefoot and heel. An "N-Lock" lacing and webbing system on the shoe helps keep the shoe secure so that the foot and ankle won't roll in with each step.


Nike Air Zoom Elite 4

The Nike Air Zoom Elite 4 line is designed for women with high arches that need extra cushioning and stability. Overlays on the outside of the shoe work with the laces on the Air Zoom to increase stability, important for high arches that often cause the ankle or heel to rotate inward. A beveled "crash pad" helps to absorb shock and reduce this inward pronation because of high arches.

Brooks Trance

These shoes not only have the cushioning and support needed for high arch walking shoes, they are also more eco-friendly. They are actually engineered to be biodegradable without oxygen, so that they will eventually decompose in a landfill. Despite this, the shoes are still guaranteed to maintain their cushion and energy return, and maintain support.

Asic's Gel Nimbus 11

These Asics are built with their GEL cushioning system in place in both the forefoot and heel. The I.G.S. or Impact Guidance System helps the shoe rise and fall with the foot in unison, causing the shoe to maintain support of the heel and ankle. They also come with reflective 3M material for walking in the evening or morning.

Mizuno Wave Rider

This walking shoe for women is built to disperse the forces of impact throughout the entire sole of the foot, decreasing pressure to the toes, a typical point of pressure in in high arches or over-pronation. The heels and mid-sole are designed specifically to have the extra cushioning necessary for high arches with the Mizuno AP mid-sole and VS-1 heel technology. The out-sole is made from Mizuno's X-10 technology to make the shoe outlast wear and tear and continue to support the ankle.

Article Written By Heather Broeker

Originally from North Carolina, Heather Broeker studied journalism and advertising at the University of North Carolina. After graduation she moved to Los Angeles, where she worked for Fox Searchlight, Fox Reality and later as a writer and marketing director. Broeker now lives in Los Angeles and runs Head Over Heels, a writing and public relations company.

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