10 Best Things to Do in London

10 Best Things to Do in London
London is a city drenched in history and dripping with excitement. If you are about to make a trip "across the pond," take some time to plan out what you would like to see. You can never see everything in one trip, so make sure to prioritize. Here are ten great things to do in London that might make your list. Whether you are seeking adventure or looking to discover the natural beauty of London check out these ten musts.

Take A Walk on The South Bank of the Thames River

The Thames is the lifeline that helped make this city so strong. As you walk along this beautiful river allow your imagination to fill in the history. Picture the ships and people who used this river before you.

London Eye

For the brave of heart, The London Eye is a wonderful way to see the city. The London Eye is made up of 32 clear capsules that allow viewers to see the city from 443 feet in the air. You can see up to 25 miles away when you are up in one of these capsules.

The View From the Top of St. Paul's Cathedral

"To sneak into St. Paul's for an afternoon evensong, and sit gazing up at the mosaics as the choir's voices soar, is to savour a moment of absolute peace and beauty," wrote Louise Nicholson in her book "London's Best." Climbing the 530 steps to the top of this cathedral is well worth the effort. St Paul's offers a gorgeous panoramic view of London.

Head To Brick Lane for Indian Food

London offers a wonderful blend of cultures. One great benefit of this is the food. Head to Brick Lane and grab some Indian food for a delicious break during your adventures.

Westminster Abbey

This breathtaking piece of London's history is a must to check out. This is the place where royalty were both crowned and buried. Beat the crowds and check out an 8:00 a.m. service.

Walk Across Tower Bridge

This bridge over the Thames has been around since 1894. This beautiful bridge is another great way to see London and the Thames River.

The Tate Modern

Walk across The Millennium Bridge to this fantastic museum. Even the building itself is a work of art. This unique work of architecture houses everything from Dali's surrealism to Warhol's pop art.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is certainly a must for anyone visiting London. Here you can see the famous changing of the guard, the Queen's personal art gallery, and of course the home of London's royalty. Buckingham Palace has been the home of London's royal family since 1763 when George III purchased it for his young bride.

Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Catch a Shakespeare play performed by some of the best actors you'll ever see. Watch "The Bard's" words come to life in London's wonderful Royal Shakespeare Theater. Purchase your tickets ahead of time by calling 020-7638-8891.

Saatchi Gallery

For a look at some amazing contemporary art don't miss The Saatchi Gallery. Saatchi offers a venue for young or aspiring unknowns from all over the world to display their work. Many of the artists whose work make it to Saatchi are fresh and new to the art scene.

Article Written By Annmarie Ely

After graduating from Millersville University with a B.A. in journalism, Annmarie Ely began working as a professional writer. Ely has also worked at a wellness center where she taught programs on topics including healthy relationships, self-esteem and body image.

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