Five Things to Do in Vancouver, Canada

Five Things to Do in Vancouver, Canada
Nestled between the Pacific ocean to the west and snow-capped mountains to the east, Vancouver is an outdoor enthusiast's haven. The city itself has many opportunities to get outside and play. One popular attraction is Stanley Park, Vancouver's first official green space. It is the third largest park in North America; over eight million visitors a year enjoy its many hiking, swimming and nature experiences.

If you travel just a few miles outside of Vancouver, many other outdoor expeditions await. Drive along Highway 99 to see even more of the beautiful surroundings along the coast of British Columbia. No matter which activities you choose, your trip to Vancouver is sure to be active and engaging.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

If you are not afraid of heights, crossing the Capilano Suspension Bridge is a fun adventure. The bridge spans a canyon and stretches 450 feet. You will be suspended 270 feet above the bottom. Once you make it across, you will enjoy Treetops Adventure, a series of footbridges suspended 100 feet from the bottom of the forest floor. You can take a guided eco tour as well.

3735 Capilano Road
North Vancouver, BC V7R 4J1
(604) 985-7474

Grouse Mountain

Drive 15 minutes outside of Vancouver; check out all the ways to suspend yourself high in the air on Grouse Mountain. The SkyRide is a tram that takes you 3,700 feet in only 12 minutes. The views are incredible from up there - you can see the Pacific ocean, Gulf Islands and nearby mountain peaks. After you finish your ride, check out the Wildlife Refuge featuring local grizzly bears. Get back up into the air on the Air Grouse Mountain zipline where you will cruise along the tree tops at 50 mph. The Screaming Eagle chairlift takes you to the scenic vista point called The Cut where you can see the city. Paragliders will enjoy the jump from Grouse Mountain Peak down to Cleveland Park. If that's not enough, take a helicopter tour.

Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd.
6400 Nancy Greene Way
North Vancouver, BC
V7R 4K9
(604) 984-0661

Granville Island

If fresh produce and local seafood makes your mouth water, head over to Granville Island on the Aquabus across False Creek. You will find fresh fruits and vegetables at the public market. Enjoy the street musicians; check out the local delicatessens and restaurants. Don't miss the many art galleries for handcrafted items and fine art work. Granville Island Public Market is open seven days a week.

Stanley Park

Near downtown Vancouver, the 1,000 acre Stanley Park is a spot to hike, enjoy wildlife, dine and just relax. Enjoy nature. Second Beach Pool is a large outdoor pool open from May to September. It features a water slide and also a special section just for lap swimmers. For more water fun, check out the beaches at the northwestern edge of the park. Beaver Lake is also inside the park and offers hiking trails as well. The Vancouver Aquarium resides inside the park. The Stanley Park Ecology Society has many volunteer projects for those who want to help keep the park ecologically sound.

2099 Beach Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6G 1Z4

(604) 257-8400

Highway 99

Take Highway 99 north to drive past some of the most beautiful scenery found in British Columbia. You will see rain forests, steep cliffs and waterfalls. Stop to hike along any of the numerous trails found along the way. Highway 99 also takes you to the mountain resort at Whistler. If you don't want to drive, take the train. The Whistler Mountaineer goes along the same route.

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