Types of Nylon Fishing Line

Types of Nylon Fishing Line
Fishing line can be made of several different components, but nylon is by far the most popular. Nylon monofilament was invented by DuPont in the late 1950s and has been very popular among anglers due to its low cost and durability. It is very versatile--it be made in many types of line, each suited for a specific fishing situations or environments.

Smooth Cast

Smooth cast nylon fishing line is a smaller diameter that makes it less resistant coming off the reel. That also increases its sensitivity, which makes it very popular for panfish anglers. The smaller diameter lines have less memory, making them less likely to become tangled or unspool, and it also means you have to replace your line less often.

Extra Tough

Extra tough or extra strength fishing line is made of a thicker diameter nylon monofilament that is more resistant to abrasion. It is designed for use in rivers and streams where the line will have frequent contact with rocky or jagged surfaces. Its weight makes it harder to cast than normal monofilament. It best performs on medium to heavy spinning tackle with moderate to heavy lures. Its strength and thickness make it very good for trolling to larger fish. It thickness prevents it from stretching, which helps out on aggressive fighting fish.


Colored line is made to be invisible in the water. Colors such as red, green and blue are all said to be invisible under certain water environments. Red is mostly used in fresh water, where it becomes invisible 15 feet down. Light blue and light green are used in fresh and salt water. Red is popular with trolling because the line is easily seen outside the water, so you are less likely to cross lines.

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