Facts About Tajumulco Mountain in Guatemala

Facts About Tajumulco Mountain in Guatemala
Guatemala's Tajumulco is an impressive, gigantic peak that stands among the great giants of the Americas. Surprisingly, it is not so well-known among trekkers. It is a great example of an easily accessed high mountain with a peak that can be reached by walking. Plus, its heights offer worthwhile views of Guatemala and Mexico.


Tajumulco sits at 13,845 feet, making it the tallest mountain in Central America. Giving the mountain greater visual prominence is that the local area is not that much higher than sea level. Tajumulco rises from the lowlands with almost all of its height. It creates an extremely impressive sight.


The mountain is a sleeping stratovolcano. According to the Global Volcanism Project, there were unconfirmed reports of eruptions in 1821-1822, 1863 and 1893. Even a 1765 eruption cannot be confirmed because it might have been a landslide. There is a crater inside one of the mountain's two peaks that is 165 to 230 feet wide.


Tajumulco is part of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas range, which extends from southern Mexico into Guatemala. It is about nine miles from the southwestern Guatemalan city of San Marcos.


Tajumulco is part of a national protected area, but there are no permits required trek the peak. There are rough trails such as the Llano de la Guardia, which can be used to reach the top. Campers can pitch their tents near the local villages or backcountry camp on the slopes. The best time for making a trek on the peak is during the dry season, typically late November to early April.

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