The Best Type of Fishing Weights for Bass

The Best Type of Fishing Weights for Bass
Bass fishing often entails using soft bait or live bait that require a weight or sinker to get the bait to the bottom. There are a variety of weight types that are used for different baits and situations. The shape and actual weight will be determined by the depth you want the bait to reach and if there is a current.

Bullet Sinker

The bullet sinker resembles an actual bullet that has a hole drilled through it. The sinker is threaded onto the line above a large bass hook, which you can Carolina or Texas rig a plastic worm or lizard. The bullet sinker's advantage is its streamlined shape, which makes it extremely easy to cast and allows for excellent jigging.

Drop Shot Weight

The drop shot weight is a cylindrical weight with a wire swivel molded into it. The weight is tied at the end of the line with a hook 18 to 24 inches above it. This weight can be used with any plastic baits or live bait, such as night crawlers.

Nail Weights

Nail weights are sinkers that resemble an actual nail and can be inserted into any plastic bait. They can be inserted into either end of a bait making it fall either head or tail first.

Split Shot

Split shot is the standard sinker for most fishing applications due to its versatility. It is a round sinker with an opening on one side and a two tails on the other used to open the mouth of the sinker. It is often used in Carolina or Texas rigged soft plastic baits. It is placed 18 to 24 inches above the bait, making it dive front first.

Egg Sinkers

Egg sinkers are round weights with a hole drilled in the middle. They are used in the same fashion as bullet sinkers, but do not have a streamlined shape. They are free moving on the line, which makes them good for preventing snags.

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