Fun Things to Do in Jamaica

Fun Things to Do in Jamaica
Jamaica is a tropical paradise offering an exciting blend of cultures, as well as many outdoor sports opportunities. From swimming in the clear, blue ocean to mountain climbing, Jamaica's natural environment is home to many challenging and exhilarating opportunities.

Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours

Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours take in what the New York Times Travel magazine called one of the most beautiful vistas in the world--the view from Jamaica's famed Blue Mountain. The tours run Monday through Saturday, rain or shine, with buses to Blue Mountain leaving regularly from several of Jamaica's larger cities. The bicycle tours are all-inclusive and include photo stops on the bus ride, snacks, a lunch and your bike. The ride is 95 percent no-pedaling, a gentle ride down Blue Mountain and the rolling hills at its feet. This is a great low-effort activity for those with kids or if you just want to take it easy for a day.

Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours
121 Main Street
Ocho Rios, Jamaica
(876) 974-7075

Note: Dial 00 outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Zipline Adventure Tours

Start with a rugged off-road shuttle ride into the jungle and experience the longest single zip-line in Jamaica. Zipline Adventure Tours offers an ecologically sound experience as well as an education along the way. A Jamaican fruit tasting, where you can experience all the exotic tastes of this tropical isle, is included. The tour also includes a 250-foot suspension bridge and a 1,600-foot zip-line. This zip-line course was designed by professionals from the United States and both regularly maintained and inspected to ensure the safest zip-line experience you can have.

Zipline Adventure Tours
Reading, PO Box 7074
St. James, Jamaica
(876) 940-7394


Jamaica's warm and welcoming climate makes it a great place to sleep out of doors, and the country's commitment to preserving nature means there are lots of places to stay. Jamaica's camping sites are overseen by JATCHA, the Jamaica Alternative Tourism, Camping and Hiking Association. They have offices in most major Jamaican cities and will sell you the permit necessary to camp in Jamaica's campgrounds and national parks. The Blue Mountains area is a very popular camping area and offers camping at several locales, including the Hollywell National Recreation Park, which is operated by the Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust. Hollywell offers cabins as well as tent camping, hiking trails, and a children's play area.

Jamaican Alternative Tourism, Camping and Hiking Association (JATCHA)
P.O. Box 216
Kingston 7, Jamaica
(876) 960-2848

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