The Best Class B Motorhomes

The Best Class B Motorhomes
Would you like to get away from it all and still take it with you? Large class A and C RVs aren't designed to venture off the beaten path, but the right class B is. Even though class B motorhomes are built on a van chassis, they offer the same amenities as their bigger siblings. You can park them in your garage, fit them in a regular parking space and take them anywhere. It's like having your cake and eating it too.


If you're an avid outdoorsman, you'll love Sportsmobile. They know what it takes to build the best class B motorhomes, and have been doing it since 1961. They were innovators in the sixties, when they converted VW buses into campers, and they're still turning heads today. called the Sportsmobile Ultimate 4X4 one of the "10 coolest recreational vehicles roaming the roads today."

Off-Road Capability

Getting away from it all can put serious demands on a motorhome. That's why Sportsmobile 4X4s have an Atlas two-speed transfer case with 10 forward gears. The ultra-low crawler gears, driven by the torque of a six-liter diesel, can take you where no van has been before. Throw in a purpose-built EMU suspension, ARB Air Lockers and 35-inch BFGs, and you're unstoppable.


Don't let the Sportsmobile's tough good looks fool you--everything on this motorhome is there for a reason. The aluminum off-road bumpers, IPF auxiliary lights and 15,000-pound winch, with shackled anchor points, provide good protection and the ability to get out of tight spots. You'll even find a storage box on the rear tire carrier and a compartment in the entryway for your muddy shoes.


The first time you leave paved civilization behind, you'll be impressed with the Sportsmobile's fit and finish. The interior is squeak- and rattle-free, with cabinets and doors that stay closed. Soil-proof flooring and carpets are easy to clean, and storage is plentiful. When night falls, the penthouse pop-top increases head room to six feet 10 inches, while adding a two-person bunk.

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