Things to Do in Orange Beach, Alabama

Things to Do in Orange Beach, Alabama
Orange Beach, Alabama is a quiet and cozy little community on the small Gulf Coast area of the state. During the summer, the humidity can get unbearable if you are not used to it, but what makes up for that is the fact that you have fun in the outdoors nearly every day of the year. Situated close to the beach you might expect that most outdoor recreation would be based on fun in the water and you would be right in that assumption. In fact, with the waters of the Gulf of Mexico warm enough to at least wade in even during most days of winter, there is really no reason to ever leave the beach.


Finding hidden treasures left behind by bikers, hikers and tourists of all stripes is one of the fun things about Orange Beach. The town is small and most of it is dominated by the heavy waves of the Gulf on one side and a tame bay on the other. This makes for plenty of opportunities to hide things for those who are into geocaching, which is essentially leaving behind little trinkets and reminders that can be found by following GPS directions. Geocaching is a very popular activity all along this Gulf Coast area and it really lends another element to any outdoor recreation that you pursue.


The number one outdoor sport in Orange Beach is just plain old-fashioned beach swimming. The waves of the beaches along this small town are not usually ragged enough to get in any good surfing, although the water can get quite rough when a storm is brewing out in the Gulf of Mexico. Orange Beach, like Perdido Beach and Gulf Shores that surround it, is dominated by large hotels and casinos, which can make it difficult to find a parking spot, but the entire stretch of beach on the Gulf side is public so you can park your towels and picnic basket in front of any of these condos without worry. While the waves aren't tough, be wary of riptides and undercurrents and remember to swim parallel to the coast until you break free of the current before trying to escape back to the land.

Jet Skis

While great surfing is hardly a common pursuit in Orange Beach, riding a jet ski while skimming over those waves and the big breaks caused by the many boats you'll see on any given day is very much a popular form of recreation. Jet ski rentals can be found up and down Orange Beach and these high powered machines come in both one and two-person models. They are very easy to learn how to use and you can be in the water on in less than an hour even if you have never seen one before. Riding a jet ski is one reason to be thankful that the Gulf waters rolling into Orange Beach are not particularly rough and the waves not particularly large.

Orange Beach Jet Ski Rentals
4575 S. Wilson Blvd.
Orange Beach, AL 36561
(251) 981-4127

Dolphin Cruise

Another nice element to the fact that Orange Beach enjoys mainly calming waves is that playful dolphins seem to prefer it. The best way to enjoy the sight of dolphins leaping through the waves is by booking time on a dolphin cruise. Several companies run dolphin cruise charters in the Orange Beach area and the fun is not limited to just riding a boat and spotting dolphins. The crews are experienced in finding the best spot for dolphins and coaxing them to be at their most playful by skimming backward through the water on their tails. If you time your cruise right, you may also get a free show from the Blue Angels taking off from the Naval Air Station in nearby Pensacola.

Blue Dolphin Cruises
27555 Perdido Beach Blvd.
Orange Beach, AL 36561
(251) 981-2774

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