Types of Flowers in Indiana

Types of Flowers in Indiana
Indiana is home to many popular flowers. Since statehood, Indiana has had three different state flowers, changing at various points in history to better represent what was considered the "best" flower at that time. Peonies and carnations, both popular bouquet flowers, are grown in Indiana.


Peonies, of Chinese origin, are one of the most common flowers in Indiana and has been the state flower since 1957. They carry a strong fragrance which makes them popular ornamental flowers, and are mostly red, white and pink.



The carnation is the original state flower of Indiana. It is a perennial with a sweet smell that makes it popular in bouquets and floral arrangements. Carnations are most often pinkish purple in color, but can be found in a variety of other colors, including red, white, yellow and green.


Zinnias are not indigenous to Indiana. They originated from harsh scrub and grasslands in the American southwest and Mexico, but migrated northward to find a home in Indiana. Zinnias come in many colors, including white, yellow, orange, lilac, purple and red. Like carnations and peonies, they do well in full sun, and grow back each year.


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