The Best Kayak Paddles

The Best Kayak Paddles
The best kayak paddle will depend on your experience level, the kind of water you'll be in and the length of your kayak trips. Factors such as the length of the paddle, the material the paddle is made from and the shape or angle of the blade should all be taken into consideration.

Day Tripper

If you're looking for a great beginner paddle for recreational paddling, you can't really go wrong with a Day Tripper by Carlisle. The Day Tripper has an aluminum shaft that weighs just 37 oz. The angle of the blade is adjustable, with a feather angle of 60 degrees right and left or you could just have it in line, simply by pressing a button. You could also change it for right and left hand control. The oval shape of the paddle makes it much easier to grip in the water while the shape of blade makes for much more efficient strokes.

Breeze Plus

The big selling point for the Breeze Plus by Bending Braches is the easily adjustable telescoping shaft allowing you to make the shaft longer or shorter as needed, depending on the type of water that you're paddling in. You can make the paddle longer for low angle, relaxed strokes or shorter for more powerful strokes, making it perfect if you have different types of kayaks, or if you'll be sharing your paddle with someone else. The blade is made from fiberglass with a T-700 carbon fiber shaft, making it lightweight and easy to use.


The H20-2 made by H20 paddles is another paddle for the serious kayaker. It is available in two type of shafts, straight or Ergo Bent, to help reduce fatigue. The shaft is made from Aerospace Grade Texalium and the blades are thermoplastic which means that they're nice and light. The blade is a standard blade shape making it more versatile for use in both freestyle and river running.

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