Twin Tip Skis for Kids

Twin Tip Skis for Kids
Traditional alpine skis are shaped with a curved and pointed front tip, and a flattened, square rear "tail." But "twin tip" skis have pointed and curved edges at the toe-end and the heel-end of each ski. These skis are popular among athletes who prefer to "freestyle" and do tricks while skiing.

Salomon Kitten L Kids Twin Tip Skis

Modeled after their adult counterpart, these twin-tip skis have all the substance, plus style desired by kids on the slopes. For intermediate to advanced skiers, these skis have a sustaining edge and good bounce to complete all the tricks. Lightweight and durable, they'll handle the stress of young skiers, but stay solid.

Line Celebrity Mini Kids Twin Tip Skis 2009

Built with smaller skiers in mind, this lightweight ski is balanced to allow even the youngest athlete a chance to get airborne. The base of the ski is fat and durable, to handle any abuse thrown its way.

K2 Girl`s Youth Missy Twin Tip Skis

Trick skiing is just as popular among young girls, and this hardened ski allows skiers to shred up and down the mountain. Its construction is solid with an extra-thick steel edge, to increase durability. Through a patented method, K2 binds the ski's fiberglass outer shell to a wood core, giving it great strength, no matter how much twisting and turning the skis are put through.

Salomon Youth Teneighty Fish Skis

The unique structure of this ski transfers all of the youth skier's weight to the outer edge of the ski, where weight needs to be focused to really fly. Its isocell core absorbs impact, and allows young skiers to rebound after landing.

Armada Fleet Coda Skis

Armada knows that kids that like to ski don't necessarily like to take care of their skis. Built to require minimum maintenance, these Fleet Coda skis are resilient---both on the snow and in the garage. The base of the ski is extra thick, and the impact edge is built to withstand being busted into nearly anything.


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