Things to Do in San Francisco, California

Things to Do in San Francisco, California
Except for the strenuous walks up those hilly streets of San Francisco, the Golden Gate City is probably better known for its big-city attractions than outdoor recreation. But since this is California, after all, you can't spend too long here without coming up against outdoor enthusiasts enjoying the happy climes, as well as the happy climbs. Come to San Francisco with a mind toward trekking and biking beneath the lazy rolling fog off the bay, and you'll leave footprints as well as a lot of terrific fun behind.

San Bruno Mountain Hike

One of the most popular trails to hike in the San Francisco Bay Area is just a few miles south of the city. The hike's popularity is probably due to its being a relatively moderate hike, only a 3.5-mile loop, and, well, the fact that it offers splendid scenic views of the surrounding mountains from one side and absolutely breathtaking views of San Francisco from the other. During the city's infamously cool summers, the hike can be accomplished in shorts and a T-shirt, but best to bring along some protection against potentially harsh winds and rain during the winter. Be sure to leave your dog behind because no pets are allowed.

Marin Headlands Loop Bike Trail

There are many quality bike trails that see heavy traffic around San Francisco. One of the best is the Miwok Trail, which begins in the shadow of the luminous Golden Gate Bridge. Beginners should look elsewhere because this is a fairly difficult trail that takes you to an elevation of over 2,000 feet during its 14 miles. If you like to do a little camping to break up your bike trip, a campground is available at the lovely Bobcat Trail section of this ride.

Victorian Homes Historical Walking Tours

It makes no sense to go to San Francisco and spend all of your time on trails outside the city. It is rightly considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so take a historical walking tour. Your legs will get a workout while you'll come to appreciate the city more than ever. San Francisco came into being during the Victorian era and those hundred-plus years of history are well represented on the Victorian Homes walking tour that takes you through the historically rich Japantown and Pacific Heights neighborhoods. Gain an appreciation of how the city was rebuilt after the devastating 1906 earthquake. You may even see on-location sites where your favorite movie or TV show was filmed. The name of the tour says "homes," but some of these Victorian beauties are more accurately described as mansions.

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