Attractions & Things to Do in Chicago

Attractions & Things to Do in Chicago
Chicago can be a tough place to enjoy the outdoors during the winter. While ice skating opportunities abound, those not used to the frigid conditions may find it difficult to get into the rhythm on the ice while bundled up like the younger brother from "A Christmas Story." Once the ice thaws and summer arrives, however, Chicago welcomes every opportunity to take advantage of recreation beneath the sun. Those who enjoy their travel away from the artificial light inside buildings will discover a world of activity in Chicago, especially if you can handle the cold.

Lake Michigan

One of the best attractions Chicago has to offer is Lake Michigan. You can't get a full appreciation of what being a Great Lake means until you see one. Chicago may not immediately come to mind when you think of beach towns, but come summer, you can always find crowds at popular beaches along the lake. Among the most popular spots for swimming are North Avenue Beach, Oak Street Beach, Montrose Beach and Rainbow Beach.

Lakefront North Bike Trail

Of the many bike trails in the Chicago area, the Lakefront North trail is the one that you have to hit. This trail runs for nearly 18 miles along the shore of Lake Michigan. If you really want to see Chicago, try this bike trail rather than sitting in a stuffy car and trying to find a parking spot. As a fairly long city trail, you can expect areas of high and low traffic. If you just want a quick jaunt that isn't clogged up by other bikers and pedestrians, head north from Belmont Harbor. If you want to know what a crowded city bike trail is like, stick to the section that runs from the Navy Pier to the North Avenue Beach.

McCormick-Tribune Plaza Ice Rink

A trip to Chicago would feel incomplete without strapping on the blades and getting in some time on the ice. After all, Chicago is known for its bone-chilling winter weather, and since mountain slopes are rather scarce in the city, ice skating is the most convenient way to take advantage of Snow Miser's dedication to keeping Heat Miser far away during the winter season. This is a nice-sized rink of 200-by-80 feet. Admission is free, and you can rent skates on site. Situated between towering skyscrapers, a sense of fun and play helps keep your attention away from the temperature.

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