The Best Attractions in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

The Best Attractions in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Gatlinburg is well-known as a hot honeymoon destination and a great place to take the kids. It features several Ripley's attractions, haunted houses and miniature golf. Another side to Gatlinburg is the outdoor recreation that gets you away from ghosts and freaks of nature. Your love of nature will be greater than ever after you've had the adventures this town hosts.


Obergatlinburg is one of the prime tourist attractions in Gatlinburg. You get to the top of the mountain by a scenic tram that hangs over the treetops. Once you've reached the resort at the top, enjoy winter sports in the middle of summer with the large indoor ice skating rink. When Father Winter spreads his snowy beard over the ground, the mountain makes for some excellent skiing. Even during the summer, however, you can enjoy the leisurely ski chair lift to the top. The Alpine Slide provides toboggan fun when snow is on the ground and even when it's not.

1001 Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN 37738
(800) 251-9202

Whitewater Rafting

For the outdoor enthusiast, nothing beats getting away from the tourist attractions that take place indoors along the Gatlinburg strip better than taming the white water rapids of the nearby Pigeon River. The rapids on this river are rated class 3 to 4 and provide fun for all ages. Those who bring their rafting experience can enjoy the Pigeon River waters just as much as novices. Those with no experience will benefit from a short training program that will put them into the water very quickly. The duration of the rafting expeditions can go up to two hours, or you can instead opt for shorter trips.

Smoky Mountain Rafting
453 Brookside Village Way
Gatlinburg, TN 37738
(865) 430-3838

Baskins Creek Falls Trail

The hike to Baskin Creek Falls is not going to challenge anyone used to a difficult hike, but--as with nearly anywhere around Gatlinburg--the payoff is incredible scenery. Even if you never actually make it to falls themselves, this is a terrific way to spend an hour or two. The 25-foot falls are deceptively impressive and capable of drawing you to their majesty for longer than you might expect. The best way to approach the actual Baskins Creek Falls hike is as a way to get used to the Carolina terrain and to prepare you for some of the more challenging and even treacherous hikes in this incredibly beautiful section of the Great Smoky Mountains.

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