Types of Fishing Rod Holders

Types of Fishing Rod Holders
One of the appeals of fishing is that it takes time. However, when all of your time is spent having to hold onto a rod, it limits what you can do with your hands. Laying your rod in the bottom of a boat is often asking for trouble, too. The solution is a fishing rod holder. Whether you need your hands free for baiting a hook, moving your boat or just to take a break while you wait for a bite, a fishing rod holder is a very useful tool.

Freestanding Holders

Surf fishing is typically done with a large rod, from 10 to 12 feet long, and with a heavy-duty spinning reel. Unfortunately, the size of these rods can make surf fishing tiring and patience is always a key attribute in fishing. Unlike fishing in shallow water with a spinning rig, you can throw a lure and a weight out into surf and leave it there, where your lure will continue to dance in the tide, attracting fish. This means you can easily prop your rod up and wait for a bite. Unfortunately, the size of a surf fishing rod means a specialty piece of equipment is usually helpful. The solution is a rod pod, a tripod that supports a simple set of struts to allow you to keep your rod in action and off the ground. It is also an excellent place to store your rod while you take a break or change your lure. Rod pods fold up for simple storage and carrying.

Tube Holders

The most common kind of rod holder is typically deck-mounted and consists of a tube that holds the butt end of a fishing rod. These come in many varieties, but the basic concept is always the same. These mounts are attached to the side or rail of a fishing boat, but can also be used on docks. A simple rod holder made from a section of pipe is a simple and popular do-it-yourself project for anglers. However, advanced models are available and may include features such as adjustable angle and quick-release mechanisms. Deep-sea fishing vessels usually offer an array of heavy-duty rod holders for the heavy rods used in this sport.

Open Holders

Much like the rubber-covered hooks used to hang bicycles in a garage, the simplest kind of rod holder consists of a twisting metal core covered in rubber, positioned at an angle to support your rod. These rod holders are less adjustable than tube-type holders, but they are simple and cheap. Much more of the rod handle is exposed than with a tube-type holder. They are designed to hold a more rod horizontally than tube holders, and they do not typically tilt at any more than 30 degrees. This makes them more effective for trolling and drifting than tube holders, but their light design means they are not recommended for deep-sea fishing.

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