Tips on Salmon Fishing From the Shore

Tips on Salmon Fishing From the Shore
Salmon fishing from shore is exciting and challenging. The many obstacles and terrains make shore fishing interesting and dangerous. Anglers often have to be very accurate with their cast to avoid snagging trees or bushes. Shore fishing allows for an easy and cheap way to enter the sport of salmon fishing.


Casting is the most popular method for salmon fishing from shore. Various baits are cast from shore and retrieved across the current. Keep your bait as close to the bottom as possible. If you are using a crankbait the front hook should be removed to minimize snags. Experiment with different lures because salmon often will be biting on a certain color or pattern. Crankbaits, spinners, and spoons are the best lures for casting.


Plunking is a great technique to catch salmon. It is the method of casting bait into a desired portion of the river. A heavy weight is used to keep the bait stationary, and allows the bait to flow in the current in one position. Best bait to use with this method is egg clusters of artificial or natural fish eggs.


Drifting is allowing the current of the river to take the bait downstream. This is achieved by either using a float, or not adding weight to your egg sacs. Cast your bait above stream from an area you think is holding salmon. Allow the current to carry the bait through the area.


Salmon fishing from the shore can be dangerous in some circumstances. The rivers are often fast-moving and will sweep you away if you fall in. Always be aware of your footing and have something to grab on to. Never fish in a remote area alone. Experienced fishermen recommend that you always fish with someone else. This is to have someone to help you or call for help in case of emergency.

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