Minnesota Walleye Fishing Tips

Minnesota Walleye Fishing Tips
Minnesota is one of the most popular places in the world to go fishing for walleye. Many fishers plan big fishing trips to remote lakes in northern Minnesota to load up on the delicious fish. Walleye can be fun to fish for, because you have to know what you are doing--if you don't know what to look for or where to go to find them, you can come up empty-handed.

When and Where to Fish

Spring is the best time for walleye fishing, although you can go any time of the year. Go out between sundown and midnight, trolling the edge of underwater dropoffs to deep water. Walleye will spawn in this area if they can't make it up a river or stream, increasing your odds of catching one. In the summer and fall, fish are shallow in the mornings and evenings, and move to deeper water when the sun is high. Walleyes like to stay in dark waters.


Use the Right Bait

Spring and summer call for crankbaits, jigs and plastic worms. In the fall and winter, use jigs and crankbaits. You can also use spoons in the fall and plastic worms in the winter. The goal is to try and mimic whatever the walleye's food source is at that time. Luckily, walleye will eat almost anything they find.

Find the Waves

If the wind is kicking up big waves, head for them. The waves agitate plankton, which will draw small fish, which will draw walleyes and the rest of the big fish. Cast deep and use live bait, if possible.


Article Written By Jonathan Croswell

Jonathan Croswell has spent more than five years writing and editing for a number of newspapers and online publications, including the "Omaha World-Herald" and "New York Newsday." Croswell received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Nebraska and is currently pursuing a Master's of Health and Exercise Science at Portland State University.

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