Things to See & Do on Maui

Things to See & Do on Maui
Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii and rivals Oahu in terms of tourism possibilities. Some of the best surfing in Hawaii can be done at North Shore on Maui, while the western shore is dominated by the popular resorts. Those looking to get away from some of the overt tourism of Oahu should stop by Maui to take advantage of the possibilities for outdoor recreation.

Boogie Boarding

The artful sport of boogie boarding began in Hawaii and few spots on the islands are better prepared for you to boogie on the beach than Maui. This splendid island offers 120 miles of coastline, of which 30 miles feature beaches perfect for boarding. Among the best places in Maui for boogie boarding is D.T. Fleming beach. Not only do the locals consider this a great spot, but you can feel safe here because lifeguards are on duty. Kahana Beach is also ripe for boogie boarding, but be aware you'll be sharing space with others engaging in everything from kiteboarding to bouncing off the waves in outriggers canoes.


Kayaking in Maui means something quite different from what you may be used to. Forget about whitewater adventures down a raging river. When you lower yourself into a kayak in Maui, it means heading out to sea. The waves can get rough, but certainly nothing like shooting the rapids. Of course, when kayaking down a river the chances are pretty slim that you'll see a dolphin leap into the air or look into crystal clear water to gaze upon brilliantly colored coral reefs. While on the calm Pacific waters it can become very easy to think there are no dangers at all in kayaking in Maui. This is definitely not true, however. Always be aware that undercurrents can very easily send you out to sea, which is one reason why should always go kayaking with a guide in tow so he can show you how to get out of trouble if this happens.

Maui Kayaks
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Whale Watching

If you're going to be Maui anytime from November to May and you don't take the opportunity to gaze upon the glorious sight of the humpback whales return migration, you might as well consider the trip incomplete. While it is certainly acceptable to avoid some overt tourist attractions, whale watching is one very popular thing to do in Maui that should not be shown the door. The really cool thing is that if you do happen to be in Maui during this period and you spend any time looking out at the ocean, you're probably going to see a whale. To really fulfill the promise of this potentially once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, however, visit Valley Isle where you will be treated to the sight of mother whales teaching their offspring the vital points of survival.

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