The Best Lures for Springtime Bass Fishing

The Best Lures for Springtime Bass Fishing
Bass that awaken from their winter slowdown head to shallower waters in the spring and are prepared to eat almost anything they can catch. Because their metabolism slows down in cold winter weather, bass are lethargic until the warm rays of the sun heat the spring waters. People who prefer bass to other game species know which lures work best at this time.

Largemouth bass

Water temperature influences all bass a great deal. It triggers their movement from deeper water, where bass pass the winter months, to shallow waters where the fish spawn. In this pre-spawning mode, largemouth bass chase nearly every type of lure to some extent. The most effective, however, are the ones you can reel in slowly, because the bass will go after these more readily than ones that require more effort. Spinnerbaits with large Colorado-type blades work very well, and you can cast them in the shallows near cover such as weeds and trees. Buzzbaits, a prop bait that mimics a large flying insect landing on the water and then struggling in it, are another solid spring lure choice. As the weed growth in a lake quickly thickens in the spring months, a Texas-rigged worm lets you go after bass hiding in this cover without constantly having to clear your hook of plants.

Smallmouth bass

Bass anglers can get a jump on the fishing once springtime waters warm to a consistent 55 degrees Fahrenheit by targeting smallmouths. These bass become active a little quicker than largemouths do. Crayfish is the favorite meal of a smallmouth bass, so any lure that does a good job of resembling one in appearance and movement will catch fish. Fake plastic crayfish hooked through the tail and fished in the current attract smallmouth bass in the spring as they do most times of the year. Smallmouths greatly favor places with a rocky, gravel or sandy bottom. Crankbaits are the best lure for spots like these, especially if you have the skill to make them bounce along the bottom off the rocks.

Late spring lures

Bass will voraciously pursue certain floating lures after they spawn. Before the heat of summer forces bass into deeper and cooler waters, the fish typically stay close to the areas where the spawning took place. Buzzbaits that stay on the surface and create a commotion are options for dawn and dusk bass fishing. Floating worms can fool a bass into thinking they are immature water snakes. Floating minnows that act like an injured and near-death baitfish are also fine surface lures that bass will gobble down in the latter stages of spring. In the late spring, when many bass head back to deeper waters, a Carolina-rigged plastic worm can intercept them in the grasses and weeds of large rivers.

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