Things to Do in Oahu, Hawaii

Things to Do in Oahu, Hawaii
Oahu is the third-largest Hawaiian island in terms of size, but certainly not in terms of tourists. As the home of Honolulu, Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbor, Oahu has right to claim itself as the center of Hawaiian tourism. Opportunities to have fun abound, and the ways to have a good time are varied enough to make a trip to Oahu pleasing to just about everyone.

North Shore Shark Adventures

Anyone who ever wondered what it was really like for Richard Dreyfuss' character when he was lowered into the water in that cage can get the chance on Oahu. Go to the where sharks live in a boat and step into a shark cage for some up-close and personal time with these legendary creatures. You may also some dolphins, humpback whales and Hawaii's famous sea turtles. Be sure to invest in a waterproof camera, because without some images to back your story, chances are the folks back home will not be easy to convince that you were down in the ultimate shark tank.

North Shore Shark Adventures
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Boogie Boarding

If you're advanced in the art of boogie boarding, you'll want to head to Sandy Beach. This little stretch of beach is usually overrun with boogie boarders all looking to top each other. The reason behind the popularity of Sandy Beach for boogie boarding is a very nice sharp little break that can come up quickly on you and flip you over. To get a better idea of just what kind of spot Sandy Beach is, consider it has earned an apt nickname: Breakneck Beach. Kihio Beach Park is much more appropriate for anyone coming to Hawaii who suddenly decides to try their hand at boogie boarding for the first time.


Kailua Beach is often considered one of the best in the state for kiteboarding. The best time is from May to October due to consistent tradewinds during that period. But if you really want to push the envelope, wait until November and December. What you lose in consistency you more than make up for in winds that are more intense. Novices who are looking to learn kiteboarding are encouraged to hit Oahu during the offseason when the winds are much lighter. Kiteboarding is not for the weak of heart or the timid, and it makes sense to first learn the sport back home if possible.

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