Fishing Shirts

Fishing Shirts
Every good angler knows his gear should include more than a tackle box and bait. He should also be outfitted with a functional and comfortable fishing shirt. The shirt should be loose, airy and come with just the right extras that make it possible for him to focus on what he's fishing rather than what he's wearing.


The standard style for most fishing shirts features a button-down front, often with a button collar. Shirts are available with short or long sleeves. Long-sleeved shirts will often have small button tabs that allow the sleeves to be rolled up and fixed in place. There is not much variety in fishing shirt styles, but there is a huge variety when it comes to other options. Women's fishing shirts are similar and offer some of the same options, but are cut less boxy to better fit a woman's form.


Most folks who fish are looking for places to stash small items at any given moment, making pockets a must for an ideal fishing shirt. Many have at least two front breast pockets, often with button or hook closures. Some may have small storage pouches outside each pocket. Others even offer a rod holder loop outside one of the pockets so the angler can keep his hands free.


Fishing shirts work best if they are made of breathable fabric so the angler does not get too sweaty or overheated. Cotton poplin is a popular material, as are nylon and other synthetic blends. Some brands feature a moisture-wicking fabric that pulls perspiration away from the body and to the fabric's outer layer, where it is evaporated by the sun. Still other materials may be treated to provide sun protection, some with an SPF as high as 30.


Vents and mesh are very useful in fishing shirts, adding extra ventilation. Some shirts will feature mesh in the armpit and other areas. Others feature an armpit area that includes mesh beneath a vent that zips shut for cooler weather.
Another extra featured on some shirts is purely aesthetic. Small insignia, designs or even embroidered images of fish may grace the shirt, adding a little style to its functionality.

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