Things to Do in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Things to Do in Gulf Shores, Alabama
Gulf Shores is a quiet little community along Alabama's short Gulf Coast. It is about 20 minutes from Pensacola, Florida, and shares the sugary white sands and warm Gulf waters of that panhandle city. As a beach community, much of what Gulf Shores has to offer is related to water. The town itself is actually dominated by the towering condos and hotels built right on the waterfront. If water activities and a more relaxed pace are part of your idea of a great vacation, then Gulf Shores is an ideal place to visit.

The Wharf

The Wharf has not been around for very long but has already gained a reputation as one of the must-see places in Gulf Shores. You can go shopping at the many specialty stores in the outdoor mall. The Wharf features an enormous public pool. Recreational activities include a zip line and a three-deck rope trail open to both kids and adults. Entertainment includes stadium seating at the Rave Motion Picture and outdoor concerts by acts ranging from Evanescence to ZZ Top.

The Wharf
23101 Canal Road
Orange Beach, Alabama 36561
(251) 942-7325


Waterville, USA

Waterville, USA is a water park that is just a five-minute drive from Gulf Shores. The park is actually located in Foley, Alabama, but that city and Orange Beach all blend in together with Gulf Shores. Waterville, USA is the largest and most popular water park in the area. Features include crazy high slides and multi-person tubes that you zip down on a raft, a very relaxing lazy river and a giant wave pool. Waterville, USA is an excellent way to spend one of those days when the humidity is so thick you feel like you could stick a straw into the air and quench your thirst.

Waterville USA
906 Gulf Shores Parkway
Gulf Shores, Alabama 36542
(251) 948-2106

Water Skiing

Except when the driving force of a hurricane is pounding away in the Gulf of Mexico, the waves pushing ceaselessly toward the blinding white sand of Gulf Shores are not conducive to surfing. The good news is that the waves are tame enough for you to learn how to water ski and can be rough enough during the fall and winter to thrill more experienced skiers.

Rent a Personal Water Craft

Perhaps even more popular than attaching skis to the feet in the waters of Gulf Shores is hopping aboard a personal water craft, often called by a brand name, Jet-Ski. Again, the waters of Gulf Shores don't normally get too rough, but caution is always a byword when enjoying a personal water craft. You will almost certainly be sharing the water with others who are experiencing the joy of the Jet-Ski for the first time and collisions do happen.


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