Walleye Fall Fishing Lure Tips

Walleye Fall Fishing Lure Tips
Walleye are harder to find and catch when the temperatures cool down in fall. Vegetation that was being used for cover by walleye is mostly gone. This forces the fish to find alternate sources of cover and will have to be targeted accordingly. Fishing techniques will be different than in the spring and summer seasons, when walleye are easier find in the blooming vegetation. Shallow water will be a good place to find walleye as they look to feed on the bait fish. They will often swim the shallows gorging themselves during the day, then return to the deep water at nightfall.


Walleye tend to stay in shallower water to find bait fish, and because the water is often warmer during the day. During daylight hours, lures should fished near shorelines in depths of under 5 feet, and rocky shorelines will hold more fish because of added structure.



Crank baits and jigs should be worked slower then normal, allowing the sluggish fall fish a chance to strike them. Cast shallow swimming crank baits parallel to shore and retrieve as slowly as possible.


Smaller hooks should be used with live bait in the fall because the fish are less aggressive, and a smaller hook will allow the walleye to swallow them easier. This will reduce the amount of just bites you have but increase the amount of fish caught.


During spring and summer months, walleye are most active right at the sunrise and sunset due to the low light conditions. Most fall days are overcast, allowing the walleye to be active all day in a low light setting. So fall days will often give you a lot more hours of opportunity to catch them. The worst the conditions, the better the walleye fishing usually is.


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