Things to Do in the Orlando, Florida Area

Things to Do in the Orlando, Florida Area
Orlando is best known for thrill rides, killer whales that do tricks on command and extravagant dinner shows, but there is another side to this tourist mecca that can meet all the needs of those who love the outdoors. In fact, one very popular and interesting way to spend a weekend in Orlando involves staying inside the Disney property while saving a ton of money by not hitting the theme parks. Even if you don't want to give Disney your money, you can still find plenty of things to keep your heart rate up and your budget down in Orlando.

Wallaby Ranch

You may not normally think about hang gliding when you think of the flatland that is Central Florida, but Wallaby Ranch holds the claim of being the first aerotow hang gliding flight park in the world. In addition to being able to hang glide over the Orlando area, the ranch also features amenities like camping and an RV park, a swimming pool and hot tub, wall climbing and both hiking and biking trails. In short, Wallaby Ranch is your one-stop Orlando stopping place for a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Wallaby Ranch
1805 Deen Still Road
Davenport, Florida 33897


Snorkeling is another activity that does not come springing to mind when you think of Orlando. Orlando snorkeling is not some simulated fun at a theme park, either. When you don the mask and take a dive, the point is to introduce you to a marine mammal that you can't find just anywhere. The dive into the waters of Crystal River is a fantastic way to get to know manatees and come to respect them. Whether you have any experience with snorkeling or not, you can quickly become practiced enough to slip into these clear waters and come face to face with the gentle creatures.

Orlando Dive and Snorkel Tours
13800 State Road 535
Orlando, Florida 32821
(407) 239-3573

Disney Pool Hopping

The official Disney policy regarding pool hopping is that it is only open to Disney Vacation Club members unless you are staying at one of the All-Star Resorts. Since the All-Star Resorts are the most inexpensive, make your pool hopping visit to Disney by staying there. Unofficially, many people do pool hop at any Disney pool that doesn't require a specific resort key to get through the pool gate. Disney is overrun with incredible pools that are adorned with giant waterslides, waterfalls and even beachfront sand. It is possible to make an entire weekend out of the fun of trying out Disney's spectacular pools.

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