Things to Do on the Big Island Hawaii

Things to Do on the Big Island Hawaii
The Big Island of Hawaii is a nature's lover paradise. On this largest of the Hawaiian islands, you can visit incredible waterfalls and see volcanic lava flows all within a few hours. Many people are surprised to find that you can even enjoy the vision of snow-capped peaks in Hawaii. The Big Island is much more suited to those looking to take advantage of the natural splendor of Hawaii rather than to indulge in the typical tourist activities that make Oahu and Maui so crowded. This may be the biggest island, but it's also the least populous, giving you plenty of room to indulge your more extreme passions.

UFO Parasailing

No better view of the beauty of Hawaii's beaches can be gained than by taking advantage of parasailing. Rides are available from the early morning to afternoon and last from seven to 12 minutes. If you meet the weight limit, you can even go in tandem with one or two other people. The tethers stretch to 400 and 800 feet. The best time to take flight is during the first hour when the sun is still rising and creates a brilliant effect that seems to cast a golden glow over the beach.

UFO Parasailing
75-5669 Alii Drive, Suite 1106
Kailua-Kona, Island of Hawaii, Hawaii 96740
(808) 325-5836

Kona Aggressor Diving

Why just go diving for a few hours when you could spend an entire week on a diving vacation? You board the Kona Aggressor II on Saturday and don't get off until the next Saturday. During that week you get to explore the waters off the coast of the Big Island like no one else. Diving expeditions take place during both the day and night as you travel around the island to take in all the majesty beneath the waves. One day you'll be exploring a lava tube and the next you'll feel the 60-foot shadow of a whale shark passing over you. The Kona Aggressor II has room for 16 passengers.

Kona Aggressor Diving
(985) 385-2628

Mauna Loa Trail Hike

This is arguably the toughest hike in the entire Hawaiian Islands, so make sure you are in excellent condition and have experience hiking before signing up. The Mauna Loa trail is a four-day round-trip adventure that takes you from the tropical paradise at the base of the mountain to sub-Arctic conditions at the summit. On the second day, it is more than likely that the temperature will be below freezing and things only get more extreme during winter. If you are prone to altitude sickness, think twice for embarking upon this ultimate Hawaiian hike. It is recommended that you pack more food than you think you'll need, protection from rain, wind and snow; a flashlight, sunscreen and 2 qts. of water per person per day. Always stick to a buddy and be wary of going off on an exploration as hikers have gone missing and at least one was never seen again.

Mauna Loa Trail

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