Free Things to Do in Hawaii

Free Things to Do in Hawaii
Hawaii offers the satisfaction of enjoying many of its best delights for free. While it is certainly true that you will probably have to dig deep into your pockets to get to Hawaii, you can save quite a bit of money by eschewing the expensive tourist attractions and focus instead on the wealth of pleasure afforded by the natural wonders of this island chain still very much in progress thanks to volcanic activity.


Hawaii is the state every surfer must trek to, to assert that American waves have been conquered. Hawaii is the home of the infamous Banzai Pipeline, after all. If you skills aren't quite mad enough to take on what is probably the best-known surf break in the world, Fodor's Hawaii claims there are 20 other major breaks along the North Shore of Oahu. For beginners and novices, Hawaii even has beaches tame enough for rudimentary practice that will have you mastering the even smaller waves back home. Admittedly, you may have to fork over some cash to rent a board, but ask around for a loaner first and you can probably make surfing a totally free activity.


You will raise your luggage weight limit by practically nothing by tossing in a snorkel and mask before you head to Hawaii. Doing so will save you the expense of having to rent equipment when you get to the islands. Snorkeling in the warm waters off Hawaii is unlike snorkeling anywhere else in America. Brightly colored coral reefs and schools of fish are likely to be all around you. You stand a very good chance of coming face to face with dolphins, sea turtles or even a moray eel, though that may not be a selling point. Every one of the Hawaiian islands offers excellent opportunities for snorkeling.


Hawaii is a hiker's paradise as much as a surfer's paradise. Each of the individual islands offers excellent opportunities to get back to nature the way it was intended rather than as a tourist attraction. Trekking up to Diamond Head is something nearly tourist should do, as the trail is surprisingly easy. Much tougher trails that don't appeal to novices can be found throughout the island of Kauai. Head to the Big Island and Volcanoes National Park to embark on incredible hikes that can take you from a lush rain forest to a craterscape to the sight of rolling flows of fiery hot lava that expand the size of the state of Hawaii right before your eyes.

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