Tips for Chesapeake Bay Fishing

Tips for Chesapeake Bay Fishing
Going fishing in the Chesapeake Bay area is like going to Disney World for anglers. Around 350 different species make this area their home for at least some part of the year. Decide what kind of fish you hope to reel in before you decide which part of the Chesapeake you want to hit. Remember also that you will be presented with the opportunity for catching freshwater fish among the many rivers and lakes that make up this part of the country.


Things can get a little tough when trying to fish in the crowded Chesapeake Bay area. Each state that makes up this area of the country requires its own licensing regulations. Even worse, each state requires a different license depending on whether you plan to fish specifically in the Bay itself, in the freshwater lakes and rivers surrounding it or on the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

Charter Boats

The best and most fun way to get around the confusion of state licensing is to make good use of the charter boats. The owners of these boats have already gone through the proper licensing procedures, saving you that headache. Charter fishings boats are big business around the Chesapeake, so you shouldn't have much trouble locating a good one in the bigger cities. They tend to leave early in the morning and can last all day. If being out on the Bay fishing for the entire day doesn't suit you, inquire about the many half-day excursions that will have you back in time to get in some other local activities.

Bay Fish

The tributaries feeding into the Chesapeake Bay create rich breeding grounds for certain species. Expect to catch plenty of herring and shad during the breeding period in the early spring. Target the area around the Potomac if you are in the mood for catfish. Among the other species you're likely to wind up reeling in are perch, striped bass and bluefish. If you're in the mood for cobia or red drum, then set your target on the southernmost sections of the bay. Other species that call the Chesapeake home are albacore, mackerel and even sharks.

Freshwater Fish

Some people prefer to stay away from the Bay itself and instead focus on freshwater fishing in the lakes and rivers that feed the bay. The man-made lakes are often filled with both large-mouth and small-mouth bass. Additional species that populate these lakes are catfish, perch and white perch. Those looking for the challenge of stream fishing can usually count on trout that has managed to wriggle its way into some of the smaller streams.

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