Things to Do in Kahului, Hawaii

Things to Do in Kahului, Hawaii
Unless you fly into the smaller West Maui airport, you will find yourself passing through Kahului at least a couple of times on your trip to Maui. Most people zip past Kahului on their way to Kaanapali or Wailea, where all the big resorts are located. However, you might be quite surprised at just how much there is to do just a short drive away from Kahului airport.

See Iao Needle

The Iao Needle is located inside the Iao Valley. The valley consists of green cliffs and according to the guidebook, "Maui Revealed," is the remains of the central caldera of the West Maui volcano. The needle is a prominent (needle-shaped) point that sticks out of the valley. The Iao valley was the site of a great battle between invading King Kamehameha and the chief of Maui. With a cannon nicknamed "Lopaka," King Kamehameha won the battle. Today, the valley is a peaceful place with short trails that pass by the massive cliffs and traverse pretty streams.

Go Windsurfing

Maui is considered by many as the windsurfing capital of the world, and it is not uncommon to see professional windsurfers there due to the consistent winds. If you have ever wanted to try windsurfing, Kanaha Beach near Kahului airport has the most ideal wind conditions for beginners. Windsurfing lessons usually take place in the morning when winds tend to be lighter and equipment rental is included in the price of the lesson. Many companies offer windsurfing lessons at Kanaha Beach. One popular company is HST, which is Maui's oldest windsurfing school.

425 Koloa St # 107
Kahului, HI 96732
(808) 871-5423

Go Kiteboarding

Like windsurfing, Maui is also the ideal place if you enjoy kiteboarding. Again, the best place to learn how to kiteboard on the island is at Kanaha Beach. According to Actions Sports, Kanaha Beach is considered to be the birthplace of kiteboarding. Actions Sports is one popular company that offers kiteboarding lessons on Kanaha Beach.

Action Sports
96 Amala Place
Kahului, Maui, HI 96732
(808) 871-5857

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