Different Kinds of Fishing Nets

Different Kinds of Fishing Nets
Fishing nets come in different sizes and shapes depending on whether they are used for landing a fish or actually catching the fish. Landing nets are one of the most critical pieces of equipment an angler can carry. They often make the difference of getting a large fish in the boat or not.

Hand Net

A hand net is a small net that is easy to carry. It is often used for fly fishing due to its compact size. It features a small round or oval head and nylon or rubber netting. Handles are often made of wood or aluminum and are very short in length.

Landing Net

A landing net is the standard net carried by most anglers to retrieve a fish from the water. It is an oval or round head outfitted with a closed loop mesh net attached. This is attached to a handle that will vary in lengths from 2 to several feet. The body of a landing net is most commonly made from either wood or aluminum with a nylon or wool net.

Dip Net

A dip net is very similar to a landing net in construction. It features a oval or round head and 3 to 6 foot handle. The netting on a dip net is made of metal mesh for strength. The net is most often used for dipping smelt from rivers.

Casting Net

A casting net is a round net that is weighted at the edges. It is thrown into the water in a manner that the net spreads out and lands on top then sinks to the bottom. A string is attached to the net; when it is pulled the net collapses and traps any enclosed fish. It is usually 8 to 12 feet in diameter and made of nylon.

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