The Best Way to Store Snow Skis

The Best Way to Store Snow Skis
The ski season seems to come to an end way too soon, but unless you plan to travel the globe in order to follow the snow, you will need to store your skis for the summer. Proper storage is important so that you keep your skis in top condition and avoid damaging them. When you take the time to do it right, your skis will be ready and waiting for you the day the resort opens.


Skis are made from porous plastic that will become damaged with exposure to pollution and oxygen. First, clean your skis thoroughly. Use a plastic scraper to remove the old wax, then follow up with a ski solvent. Make sure to wear latex gloves and work in a well-ventilated area.

Before you store your skis, lather on a thick coat of wax. A coat of hot wax will protect the plastic material throughout the summer.


Do not remove the bindings from your skis. If your bindings have spring clips, unspring them before storing to release the pressure. Check the screws to make sure they are tight. Clean any dirt and debris off of the bindings and spray with silicone to keep the bindings lubricated and prevent rust.


Wipe boots off to remove excess dirt. Make sure they are completely dry before storing. If the boots have a washable, removable liner, wash it before storing. Spray the inside of the boots with shoe spray to kill any fungus or bacteria. Remove toe warmers.


Clean the poles off and dry thoroughly. A light coating of paste wax will help protect them during the summer. You may want to sharpen the tips of your poles before storing. Leather straps should be protected with leather polish.


Choosing the right location to store your skis is of utmost importance. Keep your skis out of direct sunlight. Avoid garages and attics or any place that gets extremely hot during the summer. Humidity is another concern; you want to keep your skis and boots dry. Boots need to be stored in areas not prone to mice.

Do not place your skis upright on a cement floor, this can cause warping and will affect the edges.

Do not store skis in a closet or other area that you will frequently access during the summer. You don't want your skis to constantly be falling down onto the floor.

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