What Is the Advantage of Riding on Twin Tip Skis?

What Is the Advantage of Riding on Twin Tip Skis?
Twin tip skis are an increasingly popular piece of equipment for alpine skiers, offering significant advantages for skiers who like to play in terrain parks and do jaw-dropping tricks. Skiers who fly in half pipes and those who like to ride rails find that twin tips, which facilitate skiing both forwards and backwards, open up new options for their creativity.

What They Are

Traditional alpine skis have a raised front, known as the "tip," and a flat back, known as the "tail." Twin tip skis have a raised front and a raised back. Twin tips are available in a variety of lengths and widths.

All Mountain

Although they were initially used for doing tricks and skiing backwards, many all-mountain skiers have discovered twin tips make skiing powder easier because they are softer and have better float. In addition, for tight-radius turns in trees and chutes, twin tips, which have a shorter distance front to back on the snow because of the raised rear tips, are a little more maneuverable.


Because of the lesser amount of ski on the snow with a twin tip design, these skis are less stable at speed than their same-length traditional counterpart; as such, many skiers will go slightly longer or wider when selecting a twin tip design.

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