Things to Do in Downtown Chicago

Things to Do in Downtown Chicago
The Windy City has a lot more than just tall buildings to explore. Head over to the Lakefront Park area for miles and miles of walking and biking trails that showcase the best of Chicago's famous architecture and beautiful waterways. Few American cities can offer this unique combination of city sights and natural entertainment.

Bike Chicago Rentals and Tours

Bike Chicago Rentals and Tours has nine locations on the Chicago waterfront, so you can walk or use public transit to get to the waterfront and pick up one of 400 different kinds of bikes. In addition to the cruisers, mountain bikes, fitness bikes, hybrids and road bikes, they offer kids' bikes, baby trailers, baby seats, tandem bicycles, a kids' tagalong trailer and even Rollerblades. If your arms need a workout, they also offer hand bikes for kids and adults. Online reservations are cheaper than walk-in rates, and they do offer group discounts.

Bike Chicago Rentals and Tours
Millennium Park Location (one of nine)
239 E. Randolph Street
Chicago Illinois 60601
(773) 404-2500

Chicago River Rowing & Paddling Center

The Chicago River Rowing & Paddling Center offers visitors the opportunity to tour Chicago via its waterways. The architecture of Chicago's bridges and buildings are much easier to enjoy without the noise of the city. They rent kayaks, rowboats and canoes adjacent to the greenest boat ramp in Chicago, near the pedestrian tunnel under Lake Shore Drive.

Chicago River Rowing & Paddling Center
P.O. Box 811-190
Chicago, Illinois 60681

Cousin's Incredible Vitality Raw Food Restaurant

Incredible Vitality sounds like a fantastic addition to a day in the Windy City. Cousin's is committed to sharing the energy and healing power of raw foods, created by Chef Mehmet, whose goal is to help people end health-related diseases like obesity and diabetes. Their menu is enormous and boasts a huge variety of vegan raw foods, like pistachio falafel, Mediterranean pasta and, for those who prefer bodily rather than gastronomical adventures, a Caesar salad. For dessert, they offer a cheeseless cheesecake, chocolate fig frenzy cake and other fruity vegan desserts. They also offer cooking classes and workshops.

Cousin's Incredible Vitality Raw Food Restaurant
3038 W. Irving Park Rd.
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 478-6868

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